During term time, the group holds a seminar series featuring guest talks from researchers working across a wide range of topics in astronomy. Moving forward, our hope is to hold these primarily in-person (but with a hybrid option available for remote connection and recording). The seminars will be held on Friday afternoon, with the location and time confirmed via email. Please contact Dr John Ilee or Dr Maria Koutoulaki with any queries.

2022/23 Autumn Semester

  • October 14 – Greg Cooke [view]
  • October 21 – Sebasti├ín Marino (Cambridge)
    • ‘Studying exoplanetary systems from an exocometary perspective’ [view]
  • October 28 – Daniela Iglesias Vallejo [view]
  • November 4 – Olivia Jones (UK ATC)
    • ‘A JWST view of low metallicity stellar populations and star-formation’
  • November 11 – Felix Sainsbury-Martinez
  • November 18 – Mark Hollands (Sheffield)
    • ‘White dwarfs as probes of fundamental astrophysics’ [view]
  • December 2 – Heather Johnston