During term time the group holds a biweekly seminar series featuring talks from researchers working in a wide range of top class astronomy research groups.

2017/18 Semester 2

  • Jan 18 – Stefano Antonelli (QUB)
    Thermo-chemical modeling of inner disk holes as seen from rovibrational CO emission.
  • Feb 19 – Leen Decin (KULeuven)
    Flecks of extraterrestrial dust, all over the roof – The story of their cosmic makeup.
  • Mar 2  – Andrew Cumming (McGill)
    Magnetic Field Evolution in Neutron Star Crusts
  • Mar 16 – Jose Groh (Trinity College Dublin)
    The surprising look of massive stars before death.
  • Apr 13  – Donna Rodgers-Lee (Hertforshire)
  • Apr 20 – Tamara Rogers (Newcastle)
    Internal Gravity Waves in Massive Stars
  • Apr 27 – Marie Martig (Liverpool John Moores)

2017/18 Semester 1

  • Oct 6– Katja Poppenhaeger (QUB)
    News from the exoplanet zoo: transits, stellar activity, and other strange beasts.
  • Oct 23 – Andres Piatti (National University of Cordoba, Argentina)
    Towards a comprehensive knowledge of the star cluster population in the Magellanic System
  • Oct 27 – Jorick Vink (Armagh)
    The Most Massive Stars and Black Holes in the Universe
  • Nov 10 – Tom Haworth (Imperial)
    Planet formation in different environments.
  • Nov 24 – Clive Tadhunter (Sheffield)
    Do AGN truly effect the evolution of their host galaxies?
  • Dec 1 – Joana Oliveira (Keele)
    Spectroscopic Surveys of Young Stellar Objects in the Magellanic Clouds

2016/17 Semester 1

  • Oct 14– Nanda Kumar (Herts)
    Infrared Observations of O-star systems in formation
  • Oct 28 – Minnie Mao (Manchester)
    Here be Spiral DRAGNs
  • Dec 7 – Michael Burton (Director of Armagh Observatory and Planetarium)
    Formation Pumping of Molecular Hydrogen: The Shocking Story of H2

2015/16 Semester 2

  • Feb 5– Paul Clark (Cardiff)
    Simulating Observational Star Formation
  • Feb 19 – Anabella Araudo (Oxford)
    Non-thermal processes in protostellar jets
  • Mar 4 – Johan Knapen (IAC)
    Nearby galaxies and their interactions
  • Mar 11 – Saida Caballero-Nieves (Sheffield)
    A Binary View of Massive Stars