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Astrophysical Research at Leeds

The research at Leeds is primarily focused on the fields of star and planet formation. The astrophysics group is home to one of the strongest star and planet formation groups in the UK, comprised of members with extensive experience in the field.

Star and planet formation is studied through observational and theoretical approaches; Leeds has experts in the use of numerical simulations and hydrodynamic codes as well as specialists in radio, IR and mm observations. Through work on circumstellar discs the group also places emphasis on planet formation research. To learn more about these fields of research follow the links below.

Star Formation

Image:Gemini Observatory/Colin Aspin

Planet Formation


Working on star and planet formation requires knowledge of physics that can be applied to many types of astrophysical phenomena and as a result the research done at Leeds grows to cover a wide range of topics. To explore some of these research areas click on the images below:

Active Galaxies

Image: ESO/Hubble

Evolved Stars

Image: ESO

Molecular Astrophysics

Image: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)/L. Cal├žada (ESO))

Planetary Atmospheres

Image: Astronaut Scott Kelly, NASA

Stellar Winds, Galactic Superwinds & Shocks

Image: ESO/Hubble

Polar Mesospheric Clouds

Image: NASA