PhD Positions

The astrophysics group welcomes applications for PhD study. Applicants are encouraged to contact potential supervisors by email before applying.  Projects currently advertised are listed below with a link for further information. For a full list of PhD projects in the School of Physics and Astronomy see here.

Current projects (title/supervisor):

  1. Observational studies of massive star formation – Dr Stuart Lumsden
  2. Probing the molecular composition of planet-forming regions with ALMA – Dr Catherine Walsh
  3. The Non-thermal Emission from Colliding Winds Binaries – Dr Julian Pittard
  4. A Comparative Study of Metallic Ions in the Atmospheres of Earth and Mars – Prof John Plane (Chemistry), Prof Dan Marsh and Dr Wuhu Feng (Earth and Environment)
  5. The kinetics of astrochemical and planetary reactions studied at very low temperatures – Prof Dwayne Heard (Chemistry) and Dr Catherine Walsh
  6. Hydrogen Explosion Safety Management – Dr Sven Van Loo and Dr Junfeng Yang (Mechanical Engineering)

Postdoctoral Research Positions

No positions currently available.



We welcome applications for senior fellowship schemes such as the STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship, Royal Society University Research Fellowship or ERC starter/consolidator grants. If you are interested in applying for these to be hosted at Leeds please contact Stuart Lumsden (s.l.lumsden@leeds.ac.uk) in the first instance. For the STFC or Royal Society schemes an internal sifting process will be applied so you need to contact us well in advance (internal deadline TBD). For any other scheme, including the ERC ones, a notice of intent is required at least 8 weeks before the scheme deadline.